Garbage Guru City of Sydney's ultimate guide to recycling and disposing of stuff.

  • Put in your Recycling Bin

    This is your bin with the yellow lid. It’s the best way to recycle paper, cardboard and most plastic containers, as well as cans and glass bottles. You don’t need to rinse your containers, but items should be EMPTY and DRY. By all means, a light rinse will help to keep your bin odour-free, just follow up with a bit of a wipe if you can.

  • Or you could ...

  • Use a "No Advertising Material" sticker

    Order your sticker by calling the Distribution Standards Board on 1800 676 136.

  • Order a free "No Junk Mail" sticker

    Get a free “No Junk Mail” letterbox sticker mailed to you by calling the City on 02 9265 9333.

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Did you know?

Please remove any plastic wrapping from these materials and place the wrapping in a plastic recyclings bin the next time you're at your local supermarket.