Garbage Guru City of Sydney's ultimate guide to recycling and disposing of stuff.

  • Put in your Recycling Bin

    This is your bin with the yellow lid. It’s the best way to recycle paper, cardboard and most plastic containers, as well as cans and glass bottles. You don’t need to rinse your containers, but items should be EMPTY and DRY. By all means, a light rinse will help to keep your bin odour-free, just follow up with a bit of a wipe if you can.

  • Or you could ...

  • Put in your compost bin

    Compost or use a worm farm to turn your food scraps and garden waste into rich soil. Learn how at free workshops run by Green Villages and the Green Living Centre.

  • Drop off your paper and cardboard

    Find your closest paper and cardboard recycling locations here.

  • Organise a collection (businesses only)

    If you are a business anywhere in Sydney, and you have excessive cardboard, find out more about how to organise a collection here.

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Did you know?

If your cardboard is wet, dry it in the sun before putting it in your recycling bin.