Garbage Guru City of Sydney's ultimate guide to recycling and disposing of stuff.

  • Call Roof Tile Recyclers

    Roof Tile Recyclers will come and strip the tiles off your roof. They run this pick-up service for several hundred tiles, or more. Call 02 9756 3350 for more info. Alternatively Google building and waste removal to find other suppliers.

  • Or you could ...

  • Ring All Types of Rubbish

    All Types of Rubbish remove building waste and materials (at a cost) in the Sydney metropolitan area. Call 1800 806 046 for a quote. Alternatively Google building and waste removal to find other suppliers or search Garbage Guru for a specific item to find out if there are other disposal options.

  • Donate to the Bower

    If you have household furniture, bikes, kitchenware, books, working appliances or small amounts of building materials that you no longer want, call The Bower on 02 9568 6280 to see if they can take your donation. They offer a free collection service for City of Sydney residents. If they can’t take your goods they’ll refer you to someone who will.

  • Drop off at SITA's Eastern Creek Park

  • Drop off at the Lucas Heights Centre

    The Lucas Heights Centre recycles loads of stuff. Find out what they accept and any fees here or call 1300 651 116. They’re open 6am–4pm Monday to Friday and 8am–4pm Saturday and Sunday.

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